Bzz Agent!

Today I want to share with everyone a great website! It is and it is a site where they send you free stuff for you to review. The more you “bzz” the more chances you have to get chosen for a campaign. I already was chosen for 3 campaigns. The first was for  Dr. Scholls insoles. I received one pair of insoles, and 8 coupons to give away to friends and family for 5 dollars off. At my local Dollar General the price of a pair is $6 so with the coupon the means they are only $1!!

Next I was invited to the UNREAL candy campaign.
I received 6 coupons each can be used for one free 1.3oz-1.7oz candy bar. I have not tried the candy yet but as soon as I find a store that carries it I will!
Once I try some of the UNREAL candy I will be sure to let you know how it was! Until then, maybe you can be a BzzAgent!

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Penguin Challange!

Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to show you my look for the Penguin Challenge! It is being hosted by Alexis from XOXOAlexisleigh, Kaki from Glitter Obsessions, and Mimi from Makeup Withdraw.

So the first week was black and white. I looked at some of the other girls for some inspiration, and this is what I came up with,

Sorry about the pictures, its hard to take pictures of myself! Also my eyebrows!! I am trying to grow them out .. sooo they are extra crazy!

Products Used

  •  Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows, in 04 Backstage Basics.
    • Revlon Colorstay Gel Eyeliner, in 001 Black.
    • Maybelline Cool Effect Coolin Shadow/Liner, in Snow Bunny 24.
      • E.L.F’s Mineral Infused Mascara, in Black.

        • One silver Rhinestone.

      I think I am kind of late, but better late them never right? So I had fun, and I hope you like it. I love having fun with my makeup from time to time! I hope you like it!

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The man in my life =]

                                                                                                           This post has a lot of pictures!

Hello world! Today I am going to introduce you to someone very special! The cutest guy in the world! I love him to death He makes me smile just thinking about him! When I am having a bad day, he knows how to cheer me up …

Say hello to my little ball of fur!!

Ain’t he the sweetest little thing you ever seen! He is the owner of my heart! His name is Pmpkin, but I call me Mr. Meem, Kitty Boy, Pumpkin Man, Me Me Cheeks, and many many more! lol I figured it was a good time to introduce him  to everyone since I mentioned him in my last blog!

and I am sure I will be mentioning him in my future blogs! You will more then likely catch him in the back of some of my pictures, he is very nosy! He loves being around when I am doing something! There you have it! The man who stole my heart =]

He love boxes
and bags …

He love giving hugs =]

An ice cream!

and most of all …

I hope some of these pictures put a smile on your face!
Enjoy =]

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One Lovely Bog Award

I have been nominated by Magaleigh for the One Lovely Blog Award! Thanks soo much Madaleigh! I soo appreciate it =]
If you want to visit Magaleigh head on over to her blog < right here!


So the rules of the awards are to

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

– Thanks again Magaleigh! It is soo nice of you to nominate me and my little old blog!!

2. Name 7 things about myself that you don’t already know.

– I am a complete movie buff. I can not go a day without watching a movie!
–  My favorite colors are pink and black!
– I have a cat who is orange, and name is Pumpkin!
– Victoria Secret is my FAVORITE store to shop at!
– Not only am i a shopaholic, I am also ADDICTED to Pnterest! (If you a are not using it you should be!)
– I have seen the movie Friends with Benefits over 50 times!
– I have 1 real brothers 2 half sister, 3 half brother, and 3 step siblings that makes 10 brothers and sisters!

3. Nominate 5 blogs that I love.

– A fun makeup blog by – makeup3130
– Erica Llorico’s lifestyle blog – LifestyleTea
– Bec’s Photography blog – Clouds of Colour
– Hayley Knowles’ blog – Haley Made
– An amazing arts and crafts blof by – M&J

4. Let each person know you nominated them for the award!

I just wanted to add a few more a my FAVORITE blogs!

– An AMAZING beauty blog by Emily Eddington – Beauty Broadcast
– Another great beauty blog by Sam Schuerman – Sam Shuerman
– Kandee’s awsome blogs – Kandeeland, and KandeeJ
– Ana White INSPIRING blog – Ana White Homemaker
– Jen’s organization blog – IHeart Organizing

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D.I.Y Barefoot Sandals!!

I absolutely love the barefoot sandals. They are soo cute. A lot of people use them if they are having a wedding on the beach. I use them all them time. I even use them while I wear flip flops.

Ok I use extra strong button and carpet thread. Its extra thick so it wont break real easy. If you want to I have taken regular thread and doubled it up. You also need some beads. I use small glass seed beads. I like it better when they are assorted beads and not all just the same size and color. Then I use jewelery findings off of any old broken jewelery that I have. You will only need that parts of the jewelery that clips it together. So say the chain at the end of a necklace, and the claw at the other end. Also a pair of scissors, and two small needles if you are using small seed beads.

Ok so take your thread, and measure it and make sure it will fit once you know how much thread you will need cut it. Make sure to bring it around you toe and and around the back of you ankle. Leave a little extra thread so you can thread your needles and not have it fall off.

DO NOT TIE A KNOT IN THE THREAD TO HOLD THE NEEDLE IN PLACE. If you have small beads they will not be able to slide over top of the knot. Ok now that I yelled at you all! hah Start threading on beads until you have enough beads to make a circle that will fit around your toe. Once you have enough beads on tie a knot at the end of the circle.

Once you have the knot continue threading beads on however you want. I do it so there is a straight part first, then I separate the thread, and thread them both separately. I keep making sure if it fits. Once it is long enough I take the chain and tie it to one end with a knot, and take the clamp add a jump ring to it, and then tie a knot to it. There you have it. barefoot sandals. You can make two and wear one on each foot if you want. Make sure to put our own style into it! I love the way they look on they look so cute! It always puts a smile on my face =]

I hope you have fun making your own. Don’t forget to tweet me yours! I love seeing everyone’s pictures… I hope my barefoot sandals make you smile!

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DIY 6 strand braided bracelet

Today I made a bracelet using two old tee shirt. I chose two shirts that I don’t wear anymore in two different colors that I though went good together.

Then I cut the bottom of the shirts, I cut three strands from each shirt.

You want to discard the hemmed part of the shirt. We wont be using this part. Then you have to take each strand, and pull them tight so they stretch out and the edges roll in.

Once I stretched them all, I cut them all so it was just one long string. After that I took each strand and laid them each on top of each other. I took a small clip and clipped then together. You can use a clothes pin or just tape it to something. I also taped it down to my desk.

Once I had them all clipped and taped I started the braid.
If you do not no how to do a six strand braid this is a great tutorial

Make sure to keep checking if it will fit around your wrist. After you finish braiding use either use your sewing machine, or sew by hand the ends so the braid does not come undone. After you sew both side of the braid you are going to want to sew both sides together so the bracelet connects. Apparently I forgot to take a picture of this part. Sorry. =[ Then I took a chain and weaved it through the braid. Then I took a few charms from some broken jewelry, and attached them to the chain with jump rings. This part it optional. Have fun with it . If you just like the chain and don’t wanna add charms. Or you like it the way it is without anything. Remember you are the one who has to like it the most!

After you have the chain threw it, the part that you sewed may not look to pretty. I cut a piece of my shirt off and made sure it would cover all the ugly parts of the bracelet. I wrapped it around the bracelet and sewed the ends together so it would stay onto the bracelet.

An that’s it finished. We got to recycle them unused shirts, and make something pretty and something that will be worn! Hope everyone enjoyed. If you have any questions please leave me a comment. Also if you do happen to make your own send me a  twit pic I would love to see how yours came out. ( !! =]

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My foundation routine … for now!

Okay so a good foundation is something that I constantly find myself searching for. I get into a routine that I like for a month or two, and then I feel like somethings missing and i switch things up. I feel like a lot of us get stuck in a “makeup rut” I like to call it, and we get use to doing the same thing everyday, and sometimes its just easier that way. So this is my everyday foundation routine … for now!

First I start by washing my face, starting with a clean slate is always best. Then I use moisturizer with an SPF in it. One of my favorites is Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion UV Defense. I have normal to dry skin so I like to make sure I get every inch of my face, and neck really well. Before applying anything else i let it sit for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Then I use my Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream. Its more like a tinted moisturizer then a B.B. cream it works for me almost like a primer. I blend this all over my face with my fingers. I feel like your finger work best because the warmth of your hands help “melt” it and work it into your skin. I let the B.B cream sit for about 3 or 4 minutes before applying anything else. Then I like to use my Beauty Blender, and my Mac Studio Sculpt foundation in NW20. I apply a small dime size amounts all over my face and with the beauty blender I blend it out. Next I use my Maybelline Fit me concealer in fair under my eyes, and any dark spots or breakouts.

Last I apply my Raw Minerals foundation in Light 1 over the concealer under my eyes. This helps it stay longer. Then I use my Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup in light all over with my E.L.F Studio powder brush all over in more of a blotting motion, rather then a sweeping motion. Once i cover my whole face with powder, I lightly sweep over my entire face with the powder brush to get off any excess powder. I finish with a few sprays of E.L.F makeup mist and set setting spray.

This routine is medium to full coverage. I love my MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation it is great for people with dry skin. With this routine I don’t have to worry about looking cakey an it also last all day and I don’t have to worry about my makeup sweating away.

What are some of you favorite foundations? Do you have an everyday foundation routine? What moisturizers are you loving?

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