DIY 6 strand braided bracelet

Today I made a bracelet using two old tee shirt. I chose two shirts that I don’t wear anymore in two different colors that I though went good together.

Then I cut the bottom of the shirts, I cut three strands from each shirt.

You want to discard the hemmed part of the shirt. We wont be using this part. Then you have to take each strand, and pull them tight so they stretch out and the edges roll in.

Once I stretched them all, I cut them all so it was just one long string. After that I took each strand and laid them each on top of each other. I took a small clip and clipped then together. You can use a clothes pin or just tape it to something. I also taped it down to my desk.

Once I had them all clipped and taped I started the braid.
If you do not no how to do a six strand braid this is a great tutorial

Make sure to keep checking if it will fit around your wrist. After you finish braiding use either use your sewing machine, or sew by hand the ends so the braid does not come undone. After you sew both side of the braid you are going to want to sew both sides together so the bracelet connects. Apparently I forgot to take a picture of this part. Sorry. =[ Then I took a chain and weaved it through the braid. Then I took a few charms from some broken jewelry, and attached them to the chain with jump rings. This part it optional. Have fun with it . If you just like the chain and don’t wanna add charms. Or you like it the way it is without anything. Remember you are the one who has to like it the most!

After you have the chain threw it, the part that you sewed may not look to pretty. I cut a piece of my shirt off and made sure it would cover all the ugly parts of the bracelet. I wrapped it around the bracelet and sewed the ends together so it would stay onto the bracelet.

An that’s it finished. We got to recycle them unused shirts, and make something pretty and something that will be worn! Hope everyone enjoyed. If you have any questions please leave me a comment. Also if you do happen to make your own send me a  twit pic I would love to see how yours came out. ( !! =]


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I'm a 21 year old beauty lover. I am a shopaholic. I blame that mostly on my mother because every time we had the chance to shop we would! I can not walk into a store and not stop in the beauty section. I love everything beauty! I am a homemaker by day, and a blogger by night. I also have a love for making my own jewelry, and clothing. The sewing machine in my new found best friend. Come and join me on my journey!!
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6 Responses to DIY 6 strand braided bracelet

  1. makeup3130 says:

    This is seriously so freaking cute!!! I’m going to try to make this tomorrow after church, if I don’t epically fail, I will post a blog to show you or whatever. I love how your instructions were so easy to read!! Thanks for the tips <3.

  2. Thanks for the DIY! 🙂

  3. LifeOfBun says:

    That’s so fun! 🙂

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