One Lovely Bog Award

I have been nominated by Magaleigh for the One Lovely Blog Award! Thanks soo much Madaleigh! I soo appreciate it =]
If you want to visit Magaleigh head on over to her blog < right here!


So the rules of the awards are to

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

– Thanks again Magaleigh! It is soo nice of you to nominate me and my little old blog!!

2. Name 7 things about myself that you don’t already know.

– I am a complete movie buff. I can not go a day without watching a movie!
–  My favorite colors are pink and black!
– I have a cat who is orange, and name is Pumpkin!
– Victoria Secret is my FAVORITE store to shop at!
– Not only am i a shopaholic, I am also ADDICTED to Pnterest! (If you a are not using it you should be!)
– I have seen the movie Friends with Benefits over 50 times!
– I have 1 real brothers 2 half sister, 3 half brother, and 3 step siblings that makes 10 brothers and sisters!

3. Nominate 5 blogs that I love.

– A fun makeup blog by – makeup3130
– Erica Llorico’s lifestyle blog – LifestyleTea
– Bec’s Photography blog – Clouds of Colour
– Hayley Knowles’ blog – Haley Made
– An amazing arts and crafts blof by – M&J

4. Let each person know you nominated them for the award!

I just wanted to add a few more a my FAVORITE blogs!

– An AMAZING beauty blog by Emily Eddington – Beauty Broadcast
– Another great beauty blog by Sam Schuerman – Sam Shuerman
– Kandee’s awsome blogs – Kandeeland, and KandeeJ
– Ana White INSPIRING blog – Ana White Homemaker
– Jen’s organization blog – IHeart Organizing


About lovebeautyandlife

I'm a 21 year old beauty lover. I am a shopaholic. I blame that mostly on my mother because every time we had the chance to shop we would! I can not walk into a store and not stop in the beauty section. I love everything beauty! I am a homemaker by day, and a blogger by night. I also have a love for making my own jewelry, and clothing. The sewing machine in my new found best friend. Come and join me on my journey!!
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