The man in my life =]

                                                                                                           This post has a lot of pictures!

Hello world! Today I am going to introduce you to someone very special! The cutest guy in the world! I love him to death He makes me smile just thinking about him! When I am having a bad day, he knows how to cheer me up …

Say hello to my little ball of fur!!

Ain’t he the sweetest little thing you ever seen! He is the owner of my heart! His name is Pmpkin, but I call me Mr. Meem, Kitty Boy, Pumpkin Man, Me Me Cheeks, and many many more! lol I figured it was a good time to introduce him  to everyone since I mentioned him in my last blog!

and I am sure I will be mentioning him in my future blogs! You will more then likely catch him in the back of some of my pictures, he is very nosy! He loves being around when I am doing something! There you have it! The man who stole my heart =]

He love boxes
and bags …

He love giving hugs =]

An ice cream!

and most of all …

I hope some of these pictures put a smile on your face!
Enjoy =]


About lovebeautyandlife

I'm a 21 year old beauty lover. I am a shopaholic. I blame that mostly on my mother because every time we had the chance to shop we would! I can not walk into a store and not stop in the beauty section. I love everything beauty! I am a homemaker by day, and a blogger by night. I also have a love for making my own jewelry, and clothing. The sewing machine in my new found best friend. Come and join me on my journey!!
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