Bzz Agent!

Today I want to share with everyone a great website! It is and it is a site where they send you free stuff for you to review. The more you “bzz” the more chances you have to get chosen for a campaign. I already was chosen for 3 campaigns. The first was for  Dr. Scholls insoles. I received one pair of insoles, and 8 coupons to give away to friends and family for 5 dollars off. At my local Dollar General the price of a pair is $6 so with the coupon the means they are only $1!!

Next I was invited to the UNREAL candy campaign.
I received 6 coupons each can be used for one free 1.3oz-1.7oz candy bar. I have not tried the candy yet but as soon as I find a store that carries it I will!
Once I try some of the UNREAL candy I will be sure to let you know how it was! Until then, maybe you can be a BzzAgent!


About lovebeautyandlife

I'm a 21 year old beauty lover. I am a shopaholic. I blame that mostly on my mother because every time we had the chance to shop we would! I can not walk into a store and not stop in the beauty section. I love everything beauty! I am a homemaker by day, and a blogger by night. I also have a love for making my own jewelry, and clothing. The sewing machine in my new found best friend. Come and join me on my journey!!
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