Welcome to my Blog!

Hello world!

The first blog! Why does it always have to be so awkward? hah … Anyway for this post I will tell you a little bit about myself and my life. I love makeup! I love buying it mostly. I tell my boyfriend all the time that I love to just buy stuff. Anything that is anything that cost money, and I like it, I want it! hah. I have been a shopaholic my whole life. Growing up my mom would take me to K-Mart and let me pick out whatever I wanted. Then we would put everything on layaway, and pay it off through out the month. By the beginning of the following month we would pick everything up and shop again. Once a month we would do the same thing. The best part about layaway was that when you got home and opened the bags it was like you remembered what you just picked out, and you would be like “oh yeah I forgot I got this!” It was just so exciting. So that is when I turned in to a fashion addict! It just continued from there. I started working at the pizza shop across the street from my house when I was 14 and I would get payed $60 a week! I would go to the Dollar General and shop and spend every last dollar on all different cosmetics, makeup, hair products, and body products. Also one of my favorite things to buy was scarves, I remember having one to match each outfit! So that has been my life ever since. Shopping for all types of beauty supplies. I would love to buy makeup, and go home and try it out. Lip glosses, eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, mascaras, and eyeliners. I love it all =]

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